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Solar Powered Firefly Outdoor Light

Solar Powered Firefly Outdoor Light

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Emitting Color

 Light up your yard for the holidays!

Firefly lights add sparkle to your yard. Create a romantic and festive atmosphere. It is the perfect outdoor decoration for patios, yards, lawns, and sidewalks or for any occasion.

 Swaying in the Wind

 The lights are designed to sway gently in the wind, mimicking the natural movement of fireflies. This feature adds a dynamic and whimsical element to the outdoor lighting.

Flexible Light Stalks

The use of softer and more flexible light stalks is emphasized, which makes it easier for the lights to sway independently in the breeze without clustering together. This design enhances the realism of the firefly effect.

Super Bright LEDs

Mentioning that each light is equipped with either 8 or 10 super bright LEDs highlights the brightness and visual impact of the lights, which contribute to the illusion of fireflies.


Tool-Free Install

After you easily assemble the light, just turn the switch to "On". Then  plant the solar light in your garden.  The solar energy capacity is large, the sun will charge the solar panel and will light up when it's become dark outside. 

2-4pcs Firefly Garden Lights Solar Outdoor Ip65 Waterproof Garden Lamp 6/8/10 Led Swaying By Wind Yard Garden Decor For Outside


 Waterproof and Weather Resistance

No more weather concerns since these lights are heat-resistant and waterproof and on the windy days they beautifully sway in the windy days.

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